Home on the Range

My sister and my nephew were in town for an all-too brief visit over the weekend. Last time I saw Joey in person, it was over Christmas break, and he looks almost like a different person now. Not a baby any more, but a toddler. A tiny little blonde-headed flyaway-haired Godzilla in Stride Rites.

Kids 1

And of course he is a perfectly normal-sized kid, but Shae looks like a total GIANT next to him. With all the delicacy and finesse of a drunken brontosaurus.

Kids 2

I feel like I haven't slept in a week. Chasing after two little kids, one of whom fancies herself a little ringleader, is difficult work. Especially without a cocktail or eleventeen.

Kids 3

Have to admit: I don't remember my kid ever being this little. I'm sure she was, at one point, but I don't remember it. How long ago was it? Two hundred years or something? Who gave her permission to outgrow the baby swing? Stop growing, you damn kids! And get off my lawn!

Kids 4

I am telling you -- that bench in my grandparents' backyard has been entertaining literally generations of my family. And several thousand geese, I think.

Kids 5

You can't see Joey's socks very well but they're Princeton socks, with little tiger paws all over them. They're adorable.

Run Paparazzi Run

NOT ADORABLE, G. Not cool.

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  1. It is wild when you get to see your own kid next to another one who's within a year or so of the same age, particularly before your kid is in school.

    I spent many afternoons at the park when my first kid was a toddler and I was amazed at the different sizes kids come in.

    I do remember meeting a child who I *thought* was five or six (my kid was three at the time) only to find out his father was EXTREMELY tall and the kid was actually three.