The Year Of Napping Dangerously

Oh my God, these kids. Always laughing and smiling and having fun and driving everyone to fits of actual joy. Can you imagine?

Inverted Silliness

It's getting out of control, really. I mean, I am an OLD WOMAN, and I can't really take that much excitement any more.

Mr. Smiley

But seriously, it's awesome to see Joey and Shae playing together and chasing each other and having a good old time. I worry sometimes that Shae is missing out because it's pretty likely that she won't have any siblings, but then again, it's almost better this way, because Joey is her "best friend" and not inadvertent competition.

Thick as Thieves

It's kind of unfair, though, because when you get the two of them together, the rest of us don't have a chance -- there is just so much cuteness in such a small space. It's overwhelming.

Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys

Oh, and speaking of "'Things That Are Overwhelming' for $200, Alex" ... we tried to take a family picture yesterday, since we were all together. Uh, yeah. We actually did end up with three decent shots, which we need to adjust a little, but I also took about 50 test shots that are varying degrees of hilarity. This is one example.

Performance Art

I think this looks like some kind of hysterical performance art. I mean, there are toys, screaming children, random feet ... which means it's pretty typically my family.

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