Future MBA's of America

Yesterday during the afternoon doldrums, we had a hard time keeping the Wee Ones entertained -- football just isn't as exciting to them yet as it ought to be, since they don't have their priorities in order. They way the tell the stories, the most important things in life are (1) crackers, (B) naptime, (iii) toys, and (d) annoying Mommy and Daddy, usually in that order. Sometimes they only cycle through the first two or three items on the list before they start over, but when they finally get around to (d) ... boy, howdy.

We had a metric ton of toys with us yesterday: noisemaking Wonder Pets books, tea party sets, plastic play food, plus a full house full of grownups who were more than willing to wrestle on the floor and throw Shae and Joey around and whatnot, but we reached a point where the only things that would keep the kids amused for more than 5 seconds at a time were "small consumer electronics" -- specifically, cell phones. (And I am not ashamed to admit at this point that I kept my iPhone to myself, thankyouverymuch. Mine, mine, mine!)

Conference Call

They already look like tiny little overworked professionals, taking important calls while they try to sneak in a quick bagel or donut for breakfast.

Get My Broker On The Horn!

And evidently they have very very important calls to place to their brokers at all hours of the day. Looks like someone is trying to get a good price on Lego stock.

Dumbest. Idea. Ever.
OMG LOLwut R they srs?

Oh, boy, I recognize these faces, too: you're sitting in the most boring meeting in the world, which immediately follows the previous most boring meeting in the world, and there are deadlines to be met and production issues to be resolved, and then all of the sudden


Someone lets out the biggest "farp" ever, and you just can't help yourself -- you need to get on Twitter immediately and let the entire world know all about it. (Oh, come on now, inapporpriate professional farting is never not funny.)

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