Family Resemblance

Among the many things about my nephew that I can't get over -- how small he used to be, how big he is now, how much he's grown and changed already, how much more growth and change there will be, how woefully unprepared I am to deal with all of this, how much even more so my sister must be -- but among all these things, the two things I have the most trouble dealing with are how much this kid looks like my sister ...

Jaime's Boy 1
Jame's Boy 2
Jaime's Boy 3

... and how much this kid acts like my daughter.

Shae's Cousin 1
Shae's Cousin 2

Guess the question of nature v. nuture is settled, right? It's both.


  1. he learned the licking-the-plate trick from me. i do it all the time with my ice cream bowl :-)

  2. the genes are stronger than anyone imagines but they will still strive to become their own person...love you mom