We are now getting down to the part of the-week-before where I basically have nothing to say that makes any kind of damn sense because everything that spews out of my mouth at this point is basically a random list of random things, and even if you can make out what I am SAYING -- like, if the words sound like words, and not zombie-like grunts and groans -- you're still probably not going to make out WHAT I'm saying, you know? Like, what in the holy hell does "pistachiostoothpastepajamasflipflopsWiiremote" even mean any more? I can identify the things, but I'll be buggered if I can come up with any possible context in which that string of syllables together has any kind of significance.

So. Ahem. Pictures from the weekend.


I don't exactly miss the Snowpocalypse that we had back in February but I really wish the weather was a little more ... moderate around here. The snow melted, then we had the barest hint of springs, and then 100°F weather. It's bananas. I have imagines in my head of driving to my grandmother's and driving past one of those digital time/date displays outside a bank, and seeing a temperature of 88°F, and thinking, "Wow, that's HOT."

88°F = HOT. Amateur.

Butterfly Net

Shae was up to her usual shenanigans. You've seen them before.

Shen! An! Iggans!


Sassy Redhead

Oh, and there was a different kind of shenanigans -- my sister's new hair color. Very nice. I've been this color before, a few times, and I dug it, until I washed towels and couldn't get the dye out. But everybody needs a change once in a while, and it's very liberating to look at the world through the eyes of a redhead. I approve. Very sassy.