Oh Look, More Cake!

You know how Thomas Kinkade is supposed to be "the painter of light" and all that? Well, I am "the photographer of birthday cakes."

Joe Hoole's Cake

This one is for my other brother-in-law Joe. Sometimes I feel like Larry from Newhart, with two brothers-in-law named Joe. But only sometimes. Sometimes I feel like Eloise, from the Kay Thompson books. Yes, I am not making a lot of sense right now, but there are only 4 days left before we leave for vacation and I can't remember where I left my brains. (If you find them, keep them, since they haven't been doing me much good anyway.)

Candle Out!

Of course my poor other brother-in-law didn't get to blow out his own candle. Sorry, Joe! Shae didn't even wait for us to SING before she blew out the candle the first time. Three-year-olds. Hmph.

Mmmmm Chocolate Cake

And that cake was seriously delicious -- some kind of Carvel all-chocolate number. Sweet baby Jeebus, I don't eat ice cream cake very often, but whenever I eat Carvel cake I remember what a treat it is, and I understand why Dina Lohan has the problems she has with Carvel.

Smuggle Snuggle

Anyway, a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my other brother-in-law Joe. I hope it's a good one, and that you get to blow out at least one candle by yourself.

(That last picture is just there because it's cute, by the way.)


  1. so i'm guessing he's 28? and you don't still have the 2 from shae's birthday?

  2. lol i have NO IDEA how old he actually is. 78, maybe? 86? who knows?

  3. He is 28 years old today. Nana didn't have a 2

  4. The other brother in law Joe7/27/2010 5:27 PM

    Kiss my Irish backside!

  5. lol sorry @OBILJoe -- i honestly didn't know how old you are. and since i'm like 209, being 86 is still being a young'un!