I Can Has Joey Burger?

I am looking forward to vacation for many reasons -- not the least of which is getting away from work for more than a few hours at a time (and believe me when I say that I am not going to think about that place once, except in passing while I'm sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand, eating frozen grapes and cold melon chunks and thinking, "HAHA SUCKERS!") -- but near the top of the list of things I am most looking forward to is spending time with my nephew.

o hai!

My delectable, delicious, delightful nephew. Sweet cracker sandwich, do I love this kid! And how lucky are my parents, that we have the 2½ most adorable children in the world for their grandchildren?

mai dehummifer, let me sho u it

Sometimes I miss when Shae was this age, almost 2, when everything they do is completely adorable because they're so excited to be able to do stuff on their own. I never thought that watching a kid play with a dehumidifier would be fascinating, but yet I could sit in front of my computer, hooked up to Skype, watching Joey do just that all day long.

o hay ladeez

It certainly doesn't hurt that playing with that thing gives him so much unmitigated joy. Just look at him -- doesn't he make you want to yell "HOORAY FOR APPLIANCES!"? No? Just me?

i can has dancey-dance tiemz nao plz?

Oh, come on now: "HOORAY FOR APPLIANCES!"

ooooh its snacktiem!

Yes, Joey, we're ready to go too. SHAE! is ready. (That's just how he says it, exclamation point implied and everything.) We're all ready, and we can't wait to see you. And you look very tasty and nutritious, and I will EAT YOU UP WHOLE. Nom.

(PS: I am not a cannibal, I just play one on TV, but COME ON -- look at that kid and tell me he doesn't look delicious.)


  1. it's actually a humidifier (because it gets so dry in the winter with our gas heat), but i don't need to split hairs.

    no dance pictures? ;-)

  2. i took some screen captures of the dancing but i really feel that a video is necessary to fully capture the awesomesauce.

    and you know, i THOUGHT you said it was a humidifier, but as a person who has lived with water in her basement for most of the summer, that sounded INSANE to me.

  3. Um, so, curious here... 1/2? Who?!?

  4. my other sister is pregnant, due in december.

  5. Tell Shelly congrats!