One last post about the BLIZZARD OF 2010 (So Far) before I put this whole thing behind us. (Haha -- like that's going to happen. We're going to have snow in our front yard until May, probably.)

Snow Mound

See? This is the snow mound in front of our house. It's definitely taller than I am, and probably taller than G, who is 6' 2" or so. And it goes on like this up and down the entire block.

Street View

It's totally overwhelming. Like, I spent four winters in Syracuse, which is one of the snowiest places I've ever seen, and even there I can't remember seeing anything like this. Maybe because the snow was so ubiquitous there or something? I don't know. But I really don't like it.

Snowy Walk

And we can't play in it, either, because there's just SO MUCH. We briefly discussed staging a "photo shoot" where we decked Shae out in all her gear and sat her in one of the snow piles, but we were afraid she'd fall through and we'd have to get the Jaws of Life to extract her.

Collapsed Sign

They haven't plowed our street since sometime early Wednesday, before it stopped snowing. Most of the more major roads are fine, but when you cruise down our street it feels like driving a slot car. And I am terrified that our muffler is going to get ripped off by one of the icy snow clumps, because I worry about stuff like that. Have I mentioned that I am a lunatic?


Our walk to the pizza place yesterday did me a world of good, though. I was getting very claustrophobic and having a hell of a time handling Shae, who was absolutely bored to tears with us. We sent her to school today and she couldn't have been happier, I don't think. But just getting out, getting some new air and some new perspective, was refreshing. And I slept like a rock last night, too.


  1. that last pic is gorgeous. i love all the birdies on the iceberg ;-)

  2. yeah, love the ducks. shae said she wanted to go swimming with them yesterday. :-)