A Daughter of the Snows

I feel kind of petty, bitching about our two feet of snow when there are people I know (or that I know of, anyway) who went without power literally for days after the storm over the weekend. We are fine, really, just claustrophic and perhaps, in at least one case, a little bit premenstrual and melodramatic. (Not naming any names though.)

Hour 17

We have plenty to eat, plenty of power, plenty of recorded shows on the TiVo, and of course we're all together, safe and relatively snug. I mean, I'm wandering around wearing a shawl like the Crazy Cat Lady that I am, but that's mostly for show (and because I'm too cheap to turn the heat any more than is strictly necessary).

Still Snowing

It stopped snowing last night around 11:30 or so. G and I were still up, trying to decide what we were going to do about our little vacation that was supposed to start today. Because of course. Look, I am crazy, but I am not stupid: what will make me feel better is pretending, for just a little while, that we're not neck-deep in the white stuff out there. (We've rescheduled for tomorrow, and might skip the aquarium in favor of 2 days in the water park.)

Street ... Somewhere

The snow emergency has been lifted and while a lot of schools are closed, a lot of companies are not, so our neighborhood is going about the business of trying to dig out and get back to normal. I wonder where all the snow is going to go, before it eventually melts and ends up in our basement. Always the optimist, me!

Pretty Trees

And of course if you try to be objective about it, it isn't all bad. Snow can be pretty, although of course I prefer it to come in smaller quantities, with larger gaps in between accumulations. Still, on the morning after, with the sky all clear and blue and the air so crisp and bracing, it's hard not to admire it all. The parts that are on someone else's property, anyway.

Buried Car

Just the same, I'm glad I don't have to dig my car out completely for a few days. I don't go back to work until Tuesday, and it might take me that long to find my tires. Seriously, it looks like a Jack London story out there. Stay safe, everyone!

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