OK: Snow sucks. It's official. I hate it. And I don't know why you people didn't stop me from spending those four years in Syracuse, because now when we get a good hard blizzard, I find myself sinking into a downward spiral of despair and horror and cabin fever and seasonal affective disorder and I seriously just want to go to bed and sleep until Easter (with only one break, next Tuesday, for fastnachts, because I might be depressed but I am not a fool).

So. I'm done. Here is a link to someone else because I am completely spent. For Christ's sake, I AM WEARING A SHAWL IN THE HOUSE AND COMPLAINING ABOUT THE COLD. At some point today I have turned into my own great-grandmother. I don't know who I am any more. Come dig me out.

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  1. get your camera and hit it take cigs walk down by river stream and get some great shots or walk around block push shae on garbage lid !!! i love you