Who's The Happy Hana From Kamani-Wanna-Hula Bay?

(You win 3 million free bonus Internet points from me if you recognize the song title and can properly place the context. The points aren't good for anything, but they're free.)

Sarong 1

Here we are, modeling the latest in beach-towel-sarong fashion. While eating a cookie. And standing on the step in front of our (great-) grandmother's sliding glass door. And absolutely NOT LISTENING to our mother who JUST WANTS TO TAKE A STINKIN' PICTURE, for the LOVE of GOD, why won't you just LISTEN to me?

Sarong 2

And we are all, "So? Yeah? TALK already, lady. I have THINGS to do. Like EAT THIS COOKIE."

Sarong 3

And also we are all, "Don't be mad 'cuz you ain't me."

Miss America Wave

And then I just give up, and WHATEVER, because at least ONE of them is looking at the camera this time, which is a marked improvement over what usually happens, which is that NOBODY is looking at the camera, PLUS someone is CRYING.

(PS - I have been advised by reliable sources {i.e., THE INTERNETS} that "hana" is a Japanese word meaning flower. Which makes sense, since the song is a faux-Hawaiian ditty featuring a ukulele and is about, I imagine, a beautiful Polynesian hula-dancing girl. Now watch me as I walk away ... away ... away ... awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ...)

(PPS - Yes, that was a clue if you hadn't figured out the song already. Here's another clue: 1987. Now that's it. Go figure it out, these bonus Internet points are burning a hole in my pocket.)


  1. pictures of me might be banned on vacation !!!!!

  2. i'm guessing dirty dancing. but since i didn't google it first, i'm only wagering my 20 internet dollars that are also completely worthless.

    but cute pics :-)

  3. DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNAH! "Dirty Dancing" is correct!

  4. DAMN! too late! I knew that! Dirty Dancing!!!