Hit The Road, Jack

Ladies and gentlemen, the world's loneliest beach ball.

World's Loneliest Beach Ball

This beach ball will be floating around in my grandparents' pool while pretty much my entire family is at the beach for the next week. But don't feel bad for ol' Bally -- he'll get some peace and quiet, which might be in short supply in a house filled with 8 adults, 2 preschoolers, a pregnant lady, 4 bedrooms, 30-some years of healthy sibling rivalry, a freezer full of meat, 8 days and 7 nights, and a partridge in a pear tree. But we will do our best to keep being polite and avoid getting real.

Anthony's Bright Idea

Little Anthony here (my sister's friend's son, another cutie that we count in the brood even though he is not technically related) has the right idea: relaxation. Pinochle will be played. Drinks will be drunk. Waves will be jumped. Boards will be boogied. Solarcaine will be applied. Wii will be bowled. Fun will be had. And, oh yes, pictures will be taken.

Instead of checking off items from my to-do list, for a change I will spend the week on more satisfying pursuits, such as:
  • reading trashy paperback books on the screened-in porch
  • carrying 48 jillion tons sand back and forth from the beach to the house
  • photosynthesizing
  • evaluating all the flavors of Ben & Jerry's to determine which is my favorite
  • watching "Aladdin" for the eleventeenth time

I'll try to post every day while I'm away, but we all already know that isn't going to happen. At the very least, I will put up a picture every day. And I'll be tweeting, because of course I will have my iPhone with me or I will die.

Full recap when I get back, of course. Try not to miss me too much.

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