Freaky Friday


We never got the OK to dress in drag ... I mean, costumes for work today, so I'm just wearing an orange turtleneck and black pants and Halloween-themed socks and saddle shoes. And I'm giving out goodie bags to the rest of my team, because I'm cool like that. Plus, it's not like I'm ever in a million zillion years going to use those 10-for-$1 Jr. Frosty coupons before they expire otherwise.

The official cutie pies of Halloween 2009.
(Note Shae's blue frosting mouth from the birthday party.)

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and not just because of my nephew Joey, either. Long before he was a twinkle in my sister's eye, while he was still swimming in the milk river (what does this family euphemism even MEAN, anyway?), I loved Halloween. It's like the second biggest day of the year to a kid, right after Christmas. The theatricality of it all, the chance to be someone else for a few hours, the candy and the treats and the bags of salty snacks that could last until New Year's if they were budgeted properly.

Now that I'm a mom, it's different. Now I worry about the apples with razor blades and the poison Bit-O-Honeys and the sugar and the artificial colors and flavors and the blahblahBOOORING. But also, it's a chance for me to live vicariously through Shae, to dress her up as things I never was but that I always wanted to be. Although I suspect it's only going to get progressively harder, because this year she will be absolutely the most perfect thing ever for a cheery happy cute little brunette to be:

Dress Rehearsal

How can I top this? HOW? She is this damn cute already, and it's ONLY DRESS REHEARSAL. Just wait until I get the pictures from the Halloween parade at school!

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  1. rachel you are already finding out that kids do what they want and think just enjoy the ride !!!! more pictures and what time are you coming up tomorrow ???? love mom