Cheap Trick at Budokan

Oh, will you look at that ... an Illinois reference AND a Japan reference, all in the same title, to head up a blog post about our Great Big Giant-Ass Family Dinner at Benihana in Schaumburg! Sadly, the title is the best part of this entry, because I used the crap-cam to take pictures at the restaurant, because who the hell wants to lug that humongous Nikon out for supper? (HINT: Not this pathetic-ass lazy blogger.)

Anyway ... who's hungry?

Onion Volcano

Did anyone bring anything for heartburn? Hardy-har-har.

We've been to Benihana for dinner before, when we went to Florida on vacation in February. For whatever reason -- perhaps it is the Nannypop factor, or the Joey factor, or the Silly Paper Chef Hat Menu factor -- this dinner was more memorable.

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

Don't let anybody tell you my kid doesn't eat vegetables, because she does. She loves salad. When we have dinner at home, sometimes she will sweet-talk individual pieces of lettuce before she chows down. I don't even bother wondering whether this is normal behavior any more, because ... really, is there anything that 2½-year-olds do that can be considered "normal"? (HINT: Hells naw.)


This is a Japanese pop-pop. Totally gratuitious, but I guess we all know where Shae's cuteness comes from.

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