Yo Shorty, It's Yo' Birfday

Today is my nephew Joey's first birthday -- yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Om Nom Nom

It's been a crazy year, what with the growing and noisemaking and teething and whatnot, but it's been super awesome.

Blow Out The Candle

And believe me, kid, you've earned the right to go bananas! Stick your fingers in that delicious icing and fall face first into that cupcake.

Mmmm Cake

Or crawl around on the floor chewing on a cup and pretending you're an elephant. Do whatever you want to do -- it's your special day.

Party Like It's Yo' Birfday

Yo shorty, it's yo' birfday, and we gonna party like it's yo' birfday. Party up, little man. (*raises the roof*) And then groove it on down.

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