Over The Rainbow

Okay, Halloween is over, and now I can go back to agonizing over next year's costume for trick or treat. I was thinking about doing her up as an Oktoberfest girl, but it's so hard to find "girly" costumes that aren't "princessy" while at the same time also not "slutty." So I guess it's a good thing I have a whole year to work things out.

Anyway ... know what you get when you combine the following ingredients, costing a total of maybe $12?
  • One blue gingham dress from a bag of hand-me-downs from Brittany
  • A white Hello Kitty tutu skirt bought on clearance at Macy's
  • Some blue gingham pigtail holders from Wal-Mart
  • And a pair of sparkleriffic red shoes from Target?
What you get is this:

Top Half
Bottom Half

Oh, and yes, I did send my kid trick-or-treating with a Longaberger basket. Don't you judge me!


  1. She looks great! Hope she got lots of candy!

  2. it was fun only next year no movable handle we just go too fast love mom