A Real Nice Clambake

Don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I love fairs, especially community and church carnivals. (Oh wait -- I did mention it.) Haven't been to one in a while, so when we happened to be at my parents' when the Sacred Heart church fair was going on ... well, it was a no-brainer, that's for sure. Any opportunity to eat steamed clams must be taken.

Moon Bounce

We had never taken Shae to a carnival before. I'm not entirely sure why; every year I try to talk G into going to the 4th of July Fair in the park down the street from us, where they have funnel cake and hot air balloon rides. He always says no. Maybe that's why we haven't gone to a carnival lately.

Race Car Ride

After the Godiska family reunion, Shae spent a couple of days saying that my cousin Britt was her "best friend." Now everybody is her "best friend," even her Crocs with Mickey Mouse heads on them, but when she found out that she could go on the car ride with Britt, Shae perked right up.

Basketball Toss

We also discovered that she is just like me in one very unfortunate way: she always wants to play carnival games, even the ones that you know you're never going to win. She could barely even get the basketball to the hoop. Still, it was a good time, and the clams were most excellent. Hopefully we will have an even better time at Hersheypark on Saturday.

(Sorry these pictures aren't that great -- we used the old camera and it's really not even close to as good as the new one, is it? And sorry for the "obscure" Rodgers and Hammerstein post title. Go watch the movie Carousel and get yourself caught up.)


  1. so do you write them all at night to auto-post the next day? just curious ;-)

    she looks so cute on the moon bounce! and hopefully they gave her a prize anyway. (i'm sure they spent more than any of those toys were worth.)

  2. lol no -- what i usually do is decide the night before what pictures i want to use, and then do the writing in the morning. just because all the pics are on the home computer.