WTF!? Friday PLUS Trivia: August 1984

The picture you are about to see is real. It has not been altered in any way (except for cropping). It is, in a word, horrifying. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED:

This picture is featured on "WTF!? Friday" this week because of two questions that came to mind when I saw this in an old photo album: (1) why oh why oh GOD IN HEAVEN WHY did our parents allow us to leave the house at any point while we were dressed like this?, and also (2) what exactly are the kids these days smoking that fashions from the 1980's are "in" again? I've got news for you, kiddos -- those clothes were awful the first time. "Reimagining" them doesn't make them any less hideous.

Anyway ... according to the date stamp on the back of this photo, it was taken in August 1984. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken in the 1000 Islands, although I could be mistaken. But I think I recognize that rock. I'm in the back, in the middle, and my husband continues to demand answers as to why anyone thought a perm was a good look for me. I still don't know. Clearly I was pissed off about it, even then.

In honor of the craptaculartude of this picture, I have decided to force all of you to relive unpleasant memories of bad hair and bad fashions as well. Oh yes, it's TRIVIA TIME! Can you remember what was going on back then? I sure hope so! Can you name ...
  • Three movies from 1984
  • Two TV shows from 1984
  • Three Top 40 songs from 1984
  • Two famous political people from 1984
  • Three Olympians from 1984
  • Two cartoons from 1984
  • Three "world events" from 1984
  • Two bestselling books from 1984
It's OK and in fact encouraged to think outside the box on #7 -- your definition of "world event" and mine might be different (mine are admittedly nerd-oriented). Standard trivia rules apply (don't Google, or don't let me find out about it). Twenty possible points total. I'll post my answers on Monday.

I am telling you: 1984 was pretty much bad all around (although my answers to #7 are pretty awesome, if I may say so myself).


  1. those were the good old days before talk back and crap !!!!!

  2. i find it hard to believe that i was not already talking back by then ...

  3. Yes, since that "I'm already a little bitch" look is totally apparent in this picture. It has to be 1984, though I'm sure it was July and the pic was actually developed in August (remember "developing" film)? It took DAYS, almost WEEKS!

  4. Oh yeah, and what's up with Shelly and Aaron having almost the EXACT SAME haircut?!

  5. it was the 80's ... mistakes were evidently made.