Hersheypark Happy

Oh yeah, things definitely went better yesterday than they did last year. We managed to make it until after 3pm, at which point Shae conked out. We also put her to bed at 6:30 last night, and she's still asleep -- and G and I went to bed at 8:30, and he's still asleep.

NOTE: These photos are pretty much wretched. We took the old camera instead of the new one, mostly because it's easier to carry around, but there is a reason why it was replaced. It took like 3 seconds after you pushed the button for the shutter to actually open, and when you're trying to get pictures of a kid on moving rides? Forget it.

Candy at the End of the Ride

While we were waiting to get on the Chocolate World ride -- we had just told here that when the ride was over, there would be candy.

Hershey's Kiss Size

My contractually-obligated "you must be this tall" photo. There were a lot of kids older than Shae who were not yet Hershey's kiss sized (36").

Sandcastle Cove

Because we know Shae is like a bloodhound when it comes to chlorine -- if it's in the air, she can smell it, and she'll whine until she gets to go swimming -- we went right for the Boardwalk area of the park. It's very nice -- the designers did a great job. There are plenty of things for little kids and families to do. This is a picture from Sandcastle Cove, an area pretty much exclusive to toddlers and young children. Shae loved the water slides and would have spent all day there if we had let her.

Bayside Pier Slide

The other place we liked at the Boardwalk was Bayside Pier, but that was not as little-kid-friendly as Sandcastle Cove. It did encourage Mommy to act like a giant dork, going down the ramp slide at least three times.

Jaws of Lifejacket

For some reason, she loved this life jacket. She didn't really need it the whole time, but she felt better with it on, so I did too. And it was pretty amusing.

Bizzy Bees

After we ate lunch, when her eyes started drooping, we headed back towards the park exit, where there are a lot of kiddie rides. She kept saying she wanted to go on "roller coasters," but she seemed happy with the Ladybug and the Bizzy Bees.

Balloon Flite

I think the Balloon Flite ride was her favorite, though. Her balloon was yellow.


Or maybe it was the "horsey ride." She did keep calling it "Horseypark" all day long.


  1. how did you get her to smile so big on the carousel? looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

  2. shae + horsies = instant win.

  3. i would like a copy of the merry go round picture thanks ps now i picked up a turtle for her !!!!! its not real