Cupcake Calendar: July

Oh, look, we're back to this again: posting the Cupcake Calendar page when the month is more than halfway over. How do you people put up with me? I am such a slackass.


If I had to put a finger on it, I would say that part of the problem is that this page is just so ... uninspiring. I think that part of it is that my mother-in-law is here -- even though I'm not supposed to admit to it, we just don't have the best relationship, and I don't really see it getting better any time soon. "Strained" is maybe an understatement. I try, or at least I used to, but right now I don't have the patience. I know I should, for Shae's sake and for G's, but ... let's sum it up by saying that she and I are very similar in a lot of ways, and very very different in others, and even Tim Gunn couldn't make it work.

But my other issue with this particular calendar page is that I just don't recognize this little girl any more. Last month the only differences I saw were in the fullness of her face, but this month there is so much I see that I can't remember. Here she is a chunky, round, wee little thing in unfortunate orthopedic shoes; now she is a hyperactive giant string bean of a thing whizzing around like a hummingbird on Mountain Dew. The belly and the cheeks are gone. She's not a baby any more -- she's hardly even a little person. She's so different, now.

And I don't remember when it happened.


  1. but that's why we do these things, right? the blog and the calendar pages/scrapbooking. because there's no way you can remember all of it. i look at the pictures of when joey was born, and my goodness! he actually used to fit in my belly. he's already half as tall as i am. just wait for kindergarten (and elementary school and high school and college) graduation. then you can come back to all these pictures and not remember ANY of it ;-)

  2. apparently i found it but i didn't know how to post a comment this morning on the hershey park pictures !!!!

  3. are you posting answer to wtf friday? i didn't play, but i'm curious.