Cupcake Calendar: June

This is my very favorite month of the calendar, even though these days Shae hardly resembles the baby she was in these pictures from last summer. (On the actual printed version of the calendar, because I am all fancy-like and saved every collage as a separate .jpeg, I was able to add a Hawaiian-style-red-hibiscus-y border to the picture, which trust me: looks awesome.)

I loved this little bathing suit and am sad it doesn't fit her any more, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with the new ones she has for this summer -- but this suit is so sweet and innocent and little-girly and totally not what I usually go for and what was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah: love these pictures, love this month of the calendar, love this kid, love her smile, the end.

(PS -- The swimsuit went into a donation box, so hopefully some other little girl will have a great summer looking adorable in it this year.)


  1. hopefully will get some swimsuit pictures this weekend with pop pop been chasing rabbits every day maybe i can catch one for shae love mom

  2. need ... new ... picture. you're usually so good about it, too ;-)