Summer Lovin'

Here is the very first swimming picture of the summer -- the first of hundreds, no doubt. This one is cropped weird, and I apologize, but much like I often seem to get pictures of Shae with her mouth open, it seems I equally often get pictures of My Anonymous Mother with her mouth open, and the original of this one is no exception. Nobody needs to see that (and most of my readers {hi Jaime!} see that all the time anyway).

As a point of comparison, here is the first swimming picture from Memorial Day Weekend last year:

Oh my lands, what a long strange trip it's been! (And along the way, I like to think the quality of my blogging has improved, as well -- not to mention the quality of the photography.)


  1. who's in the red bathing suit in the back? the suspense is killing me ;-)

  2. ryan ... don't you recognize the wedding band?

  3. ooo how cute! She's lost all her baby fat! and I love that hat!

  4. lol she's a skinnie minnie now, and a bean pole to boot. and we try to be very good about the sunscreen and make sure she always wears a hat (she's not fair-skinned like my family, but i still don't want to take any chances).

    she is also, once again, COMPLETELY FEARLESS. she jumps right in the pool whether there is someone ready to catch her or not. i'd start the annual "how many strokes is this kid going to give me?" tally, but i can't count that high.

  5. this year we have to watch her every minute !!!!