Twenty Questions: America, F*ck Yeah!

Sorry, that's kind of an obnoxious title, but I meant it ironically, so. In honor of the upcoming long Memorial Day weekend, as well as the unofficial start of summer, this week's random trivia is just that -- a random hodgepodge of stuff from different categories that I have cleverly disguised as an "Americana" quiz. Or not, depending on how flexible your definition of "Americana" is. Anyway, can you come up with answers to the following questions?
  • Three songs that contain "U.S.A." in the title (easy)
  • Three TV shows that featured a beach in the opening credits (easy)
  • Three kinds of salads that might be served at a picnic (easy)
  • Three kinds of beverages that people drink in the summer (easy)
  • Three games or activities that are played outdoors (easy)
  • Three movies that "reference" the 4th of July in the title (moderate to hard)
  • Two songs about American cities that were recorded by foreigners (hard)
Twenty total points possible. Approximate difficulty of the questions is in parentheses (didn't want to tax your brains too much, what with it being a long weekend and all). You shouldn't use your Google-fu -- and for this one you shouldn't even need it -- but how will I know if you do? I will post my answers in the comments on Tuesday (so you have time to come up with good answers and still have time to get your party on).


  1. alright why are you testing us ???? wait till you see the crown i got for shae and of course a minnie dress and more toys i'll keep her busy love mom

  2. 1- Born in the USA, God Bless the USA, Brought to you Courtesy of the USA
    2- Laguna Beach, Baywatch, The Hills
    3- Macaroni salad, potato salad, fruit salad
    4- Beer, lemonade, ice tea
    5- Tag, Capture the flag, Hopscotch
    6- Born of the 4th of July, Independence Day, 1776
    7-Mobius Band, “Philadelphia”
    Go-Betweens, “Streets of Your Town”

  3. oh, right ... my answers:

    - "r.o.c.k. in the u.s.a.," "born in the usa," "surfin' usa"
    - "hawaii five-0," "magnum p.i.," "baywatch"
    - macaroni, potato, fruit
    - beer, soda, kool-aid
    - block chase, volleyball, wiffle ball
    - "born on the 4th of july," "independence day," "yankee doodle dandy"
    - elton john, "philadelphia freedom" & sting, "englishman in new york"