Eat. Play. Love.

You might remember last summer's marvelous misadventures with Cupcake eating cupcakes ... and you also might have noticed that we have loosened up some since then, regarding food. I mean, we still try to keep her from eating nothing but Jello, fruit snacks, and crackers for every meal -- we throw in the occasional handful of grapes and some string cheese -- but there are days when we will settle for pretty much whatever. It's not worth it to argue. All she wants to eat one night for dinner is applesauce and bread? OK, fine, but then she's going to eat all of it.

Delicious Birthday Cupcakes

Still, cupcakes are one of her favorite treats. And who can blame her, really? Sugar. Butter. Vanilla. Artificial coloring. Sprinkles. Frosting eyeballs. Possibly the world's most perfect food, all in a little paper wrapper.

Joey's Birthday Cupcake
Charlie Chaplin on Acid

And when they're decorated like Cookie Monster, and leave a moustache like some kind of grease pencil on acid? All the better.

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  1. aside from the upside-down angle, the picture of the cupcakes is actually quite cool. and of course your cupcake is adorable. love the blue mustache!