Shock and Awww!

So, it's possible you might have heard mention of my kid, and how she's part goldfish, and she really likes to swim. Have I mentioned that before at all?


It's going to be a long drive home tomorrow, and we wanted to wear her out before bed so she sleeps well, so we let her run around all day without a nap, and the just before we tucked in for the night, Shae and my sister Shelleybeans! went swimming in the hotel pool.


Of course we're staying at a hotel with a pool. Listen, I know my target deomographic.


And it was a nice chance for my daughter and my sister to get in some quality face time. It's been a busy weekend, a lot of running around and stuff going on, and even though my entire family was together for the last couple days, there really wasn't much time for us to hang out.

Soppy Wet Kisses

Guess it all works out in the end.

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