Out From Under

So we continue to be snowed in around here -- I think the grand total was 13 inches of snow in 24 hours, which is not as much as what we got last year when it snowed like the End Times were coming, but they were only expecting about 8 inches, so we got quite a bit more than was expected. We spent two hours digging out today and only got one of the cars uncovered, but fortunately my husband doesn't have to work tonight, because his plant is closed due to the "weather event."

We've been watching tons of movies and TiVo'ed shows, and eating granola bars and peanut butter sandwiches, and we did go out to play some, but the snow piles are so deep and unruly and our yard is so small that we're kind of limited. Not that I let it stop me from taking over 300 pictures because hello I am insane.

Yesterday we went outside while it was still snowing -- it was between the morning snowfall and the big afternoon-into-evening storm -- and all Shae wanted to do was catch snowflakes on her tongue and make snow angels.

Snowflake Tongue

I also managed to take a whole bunch of little video clips which I spliced into this film, which is one of the best ones I've ever done, somehow, even if I did put the wrong date on it. (Okay, wait, maybe I didn't -- what day is it again? How long have I been here? Have I always been wearing these long johns as pants?)

Today Shae mostly kept us company while my husband and I took turns shoveling the walk, or sweeping the snow off the cars, or salting, or whatever we were doing. Shae and I went for a walk at one point because she kept managing to be right where we were throwing the snow. She made herself a little snow fort that she called her "private baby school" (?) and she sang and yelled and basically had a grand old time all by herself.

Snow Thrower

And she tried to eat as much snow as possible, even though we kept telling her to not eat the snow because it's gross. She pretty much doesn't care. At least we don't have dogs, so the snow wasn't yellow.

Snow Eater

I hate the winter, but it's been a pretty great couple of days.


  1. the pics are amazing. not sure which lens you used, but wow. too cute! (and technically great, too.)

  2. The snow is getting a little out of control now. I'm officially tired of winter. It can be done now.

    Adorable photos!

  3. These are POSTCARD PERFECT pictures. (And, hello? Are her eyelashes TO DIE FOR or what?!?)

    We're getting the snow Tues night/Wed a.m., but I'm not getting out to take any super cute pics like this. Just so you know...

  4. I have a great camera that does most of the work. I seriously just stand there and take 300 pictures in 5 minutes and hope for the best.