The Frontyardigans in "The Snow Dorks"

Sorry, really bad and punny title, but we are watching an episode of The Backyardigans right now -- "The Snow Fort" -- and let me tell you that for me, the absolute worst part of being snowed in for-potentially-ever isn't the fear that we're eventually going to run out of food (that's why we have cats) but the terrifying prospect of never watching a TV show targeted at adults again. I mean, I don't mind The Backyardigans at all -- it's kind of cute, really -- but are there only 5 episodes, or what? Because I find myself singing this "Snowball Duty" song to myself and I really kind of want to stab myself in the brain.




I think we've gotten over a foot of snow already and it's still snowing, and at some point we're going outside to play and shovel. Hypothetically, anyway -- I don't really know how much playing we're going to be able to do with the snow up to our knees and all. I figured as much (never trust car salesmen or weathermen, I always say) so last night before it got bad Shae and I went outside for a few minutes to check everything out.


And you know, when they're calling for up to 24" of accumulation and I want to get a head start on keeping the sidewalk clean, the very first thing I say to myself is, "Self, you better get your little plastic rake!" (LIES -- the first thing I say is not to myself, it's to my husband, and it's, "Babe, set the shovel and get work and while you're on your way out can you please get me the Jaegermeister out of the freezer?")


So. Anyway. If you like snow, then enjoy your snow day. Go outside, get some air, have some hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, but whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM NICK JR. Trust me on this one.


  1. Shae is outside WITHOUT gloves!!!

  2. That is a cool last shot! Is that her breath?

  3. i think it's just a snowflake that passed in front of the camera but it does look like her breath ... hard to tell!