This is turning out to be a week of totally random pictures, for which I apologize, but I've been so busy lately with my hectic schedule of alternately sweltering and starving to death that I haven't taken a whole lot of pictures. Well, okay, I did take over a hundred pictures of people wrestling, but I blame that on the heat and the low blood sugar, or something. In any case, nobody wants to see that.

= = = = =

On Saturday, Shae decided to dress herself up in her mermaid dress, without any help or supervision. It's a little on the small side now -- used to be, the dress touched the floor, and she could swim in it. Now the elastic in the top is stretched almost to its limit, and it barely hits her knees. She is definitely not a 2T any more, that much is for sure. We haven't quite mastered the necessary coordination to dress ourselves, but we are working on it.

Mermaid Dress Front Mermaid Dress Back

I love how her face is all, "This cannot possibly be right," but she doesn't quite know why, exactly.

= = = = =

One of these things is not like the other.


That's because one of these things is a 50-mumble grandmother of two who does not care how silly she looks. Which is exactly why she is an awesome grandmother.

= = = = =

Shae has a new favorite shirt.

Wonder Woman

This was supposed to be a surprise, not to be revealed until vacation, because I got a "matching" Superman T-shirt for Joey and I wanted to get a picture of them together. But when Shae saw this shirt in the shopping bag, she demanded to wear it immediately. I kind of have a thing for Wonder Woman myself, so I relented, of course.

Evidently we need to watch more professional wrestling so she can learn how to properly flex those little muscles.

= = = = =

What? Even superheroines need to be rescued once in a while.

Wonder Woman's Hero

She could do worse than My Anonymous Mother, honestly.

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  1. yes but i had one too many kids to rescue never mind the well water love mom