Ariel 'N' Elmo 4Eva!

This is what happens when we get bored on a Monday night, and the 'rentals turn off the TV at 7:00 -- we dig around in the toy box until we find the Ariel "costume" that the neighbor lady gave us and run around the house with our Chicken Dance Elmo doll.


  1. cutie patootie!

    and do you have a higher-res version of the cupcake cam exclusive? just want to make sure it prints out ok.

  2. look at her stuff. isn't it neat? wouldn't you think her collection's complete? wouldn't you think she's the girl, the girl who has everything?

  3. hahaha ... i do know i'd like to SCUTTLE that stupid elmo doll. get it? sorry about the cupcake cam pic -- that was taken from the cell phone so the current resolution is the best i can do. will try to make it up to you, though. somehow.