Giddyup and Away We Go ...

They aren't kidding about the Terrible Twos: they certainly are something else. And I say that knowing full well that we aren't technically even in the Terrible Twos yet. Now we are 22½ months: old enough to ask for what we want ("Mouse House, mommy!") and young enough to pitch a right royal fit when we don't get it.

Oh, wait, we never really grow out of that, do we?

Mostly, though, I can't believe how much more independent Cupcake gets every day. She can practically make her own dinner at this point, fill her own sippy cups, and definitely amuse herself. Now that she can climb the stairs and saddle up on the rocking horse by herself, there is pretty much no stopping her:

Compared to just over a year ago, when she wasn't even wearing shoes yet full time:

My beautiful Boo Boo Kitty looks like almost a completely different person now -- gone are the chubby chipmunk cheeks and the weensy Chiclet teeth. Now she's my Big Girl, and she can do things for herself. Although I still sometimes have to cue up the closing line:


  1. hi pottstown! too cute. i love you, too. xxxx

    and i can't get over the way you enunciate button. hilarious.

    see you next weekend!!

    (and you totally stole my comparing pictures thing. but i can't believe how much taller/older she looks!!)

  2. yeah ... after a while you will notice that you start to say things the way joey does. like, at bedtime we say "laaloo," which is apparently Tired Toddlerese for "love you."

    i kind of think "caago" is cute, though.