Where "Jerk" Begins With "G"

What I said I wanted for Valentine's Day: a couple of packs of World of Warcraft trading cards. The thinking here is that I would maybe get a nice phat loot card, so for a couple of bucks, my husband could make me happy for potentially dozens of virtual minutes, and possibly even get me closer to earning that sexy little [Mountain o' Mounts] achievement so I could get myself a [Blue Dragonhawk Mount].

Instead, what I got, was this:

Flowers! Nice ones! With stargazer lilies and roses and carnations and something called "waxflowers" that are really cute and charming! Something thoughtful and pretty and nice-smelling! Something romantic, even!

Damn him, and his proper training! How could he do this to me? The RAT-BASTARD.

(If he thinks he's getting out of buying me all the key lime pie I can eat on vacation, he is sorely mistaken. And I can eat a lot of pie.)

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