Something Fishy

So. Um. You might have read a tweet from me yesterday wherein I declared my sudden, inexplicable, uncrontrollable love for a brand new hobby: digital scrapbooking. Yes, that's right, I drank the damn Kool-Aid already and started doing what it looks like half the world has been doing since God invented the Internet. That's me, the early adopter!

Except ... well, I made my first "official" digital scrapbook page yesterday, and ...

... except for the fact that there are tchotchkes on the picture, this is sort of like the Cupcake Calendar, no? And the grandchildren calendar that I made a hundred years before that? So maybe I have been doing this all along and just didn't have a name for it? Except for perhaps "OCD-perfectionist-oriented-goddamned-handmade-Christmas-presents?"

Don't get me wrong: I like this. I'm still learning my away around, still scouring the Web for tips and tricks and -- oh my God, the freebies! And I still don't know yet what to do with these pages once I'm done with them. "Pretty Fishie" up there is sized at 12" x 12", which is too big for me to print out at home. And even if I could print it, where would I put it?

Once again, like all the hobbies I have taken up in the last ten years or so, I jumped right in with both feet without actually, you know, knowing anything about it. In the last two days I downloaded over 400 backgrounds, almost that many elements files, and two different "Intro to Photoshop" tutorials that I ended up abandoning, because I can just use Publisher, Picture Manager, and Picnik via Flickr, and still get what I want. As usual, further bullentins as events warrant.

... So, who wants scrapbooks for Christmas?

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