We just spent the last hour negotiating with a tiny little terrorist over eating a banana. How do toddlers do that? She ate everything else we put in front of her, but she REFUSED to eat her banana. While we were "ignoring" her until she ate her breakfast, I entertained myself by making this:

I promise that I won't fill every blog post with scrapbook pages, but considering that I put this together in an hour, I think it's pretty alright. Maybe I'll get the hang of this yet.

(Design credits: Background and frames from "Thank You Dad" add-on kit by Delicious Scraps. Newspaper alpha also by Delicious Scraps. Bow from unknown source -- please let me know if you know where it came from.)


  1. if you're interested, you can print 12x12 from Costco for $2.99. 8x8 are only $1.49. If you didn't want to use all your ink to print (or wanted something more "professional" looking).

  2. and i just looked at it up close. can't believe they used the classifieds as the background for the newspaper letters. hilarious!