Take Your Mark

I took more than 350 pictures yesterday. I have a mental illness. It will take me a while to review everything, decide what to post and edit, etc. But I saw this picture in the mix, and I had to put it up:

She's two years old. She's never been to a swim meet, and doesn't really understand the whole "you have to move your hands AND kick your feet" thing quite yet. But can you BELIEVE the form on this start?

We have potential.


  1. is that the back-up suit?

    and it looks like either the pool or the weather has gotten warmer. at least she doesn't look blue.

  2. no, this was the "original" suit for this summer, the one we bought before we went to florida. and both the weather and the water are warmer these days, but mostly it's the water.

  3. she has great form !!!!