Cupcake Calendar: April

If you happen to be playing the home version of our game, April and June are in a tie for my favorite month of the 2009 Cupcake Calendar. I'll explain what I really like about June when we get to it, but let's discuss April first, shall we?

Okay, first of all, how can you not just adore that happy little grin as she holds that blue plastic egg in her chubby little fingers? I don't even remember what was in that egg, probably some candy or a little trinket, but she sure looks proud of herself for finding it, doesn't she? And the picture with my Nana Haldaman is such a cute one for both of them.

But of course it is the "sad panda-rabbit" face that does me in. Cupcake was only part of our family for two weeks and two days at that point, and having Easter dinner with everyone is very overwhelming even when you've been related to these people for 35 years, as I have. We hadn't even eaten anything yet, and you can tell she's wiped right out.

(You can also see my early Garanimalism in action, what with the headband and matching bib and all. It's an illness, really.)

Yesterday at school Cupcake was supposed to get her picture taken with the Easter Bunny -- one of her teachers put on the outfit and sat in the lobby. It went about as well as can be expected. She didn't scream or cry, but she would NOT sit on the Bunny's lap. Guess we'll see soon enough what happens this year.


  1. i'd recognize those fingernails anywhere ;-)

  2. what? my mother-in-law's?