Into The Great Wide Open

You were expecting pictures from our trip to Des Plaines, no doubt, but alas: you will have to settle for these pictures from Monday, when G and Shae went to the park with my mother-in-law. Sorry, but I am still cramped from sitting in the car for 13 hours, and anyway, nothing has happened out here yet. (Although I might have a really great recipe tomorrow; we'll see.)

Aaah, the forbidden merry-go-round. I thought G understood that he was under orders NOT to allow Shae on the merry-go-round -- I think she is still too little, and I don't think another people can be trusted around my kid (see here). You can see how well he listens, no? (And my sister took his side, the brat.)

We love the sliding board. Now we're getting old enough and big enough to "work" the sliding board ourself.

Oh, great, now we're climbing trees. Actually ... I'm fine with this. As a former tomboy myself (reformed? recovering?), I have a lot of love and respect for fellow girls with Band-Aids on their knees. I'm proud of raising another one. Passing on the torch, as it were.

Posted without comment, because none is needed.

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