Wordless Wednesday: Destination Des Plaines

via Panoramio.com

ETA: Getting ready for the Big Ride -- our first "major" (> 3 hour) road trip with a toddler. We have a portable DVD player and a good portion of the Pixar collection, plus a couple of other Disney movies. Will be back home on Tuesday, but I will be blogging from the road. You can also follow our hilarious hijinks via Twitter (see the sidebar, or click here to follow me) and maybe my sister's blog, where I might guest post, although she doesn't know that yet. Sorry to wreck Wordless Wednesday, but you all already knew I was a fraud anyway.


  1. that mcdonald's is only 5 minutes from our house. i don't think they do tours or anything (i can check), but we can at least do a drive-by.

  2. YES!

    i will of course need my own photo of the world's first mcdonald's.

    is it still open? can we eat there?

  3. definitely no eating. but we can at least stop by. i don't even know if we can go inside.