Shae & the Giant Inflatable Hot Dog

So, yeah, when we went to the Phillies game on Monday? Apparently I managed to take exactly one photograph. Fortunately it was not of my poor beleaguered stalking victim, but of Shae and G and the Giant Inflatable Hot Dog:

And even she, at the tender age of two, cannot believe what an unfathomable dork her mother is, as evidenced by this Cute-Overload-style enhancement:

She is all, "Bitch, please!" like she's Sasha Fierce or Tyra or something. Kids these days, honestly.


  1. lmao. the people around me think I'm nuts. That is the best expression ever.

    After Ike, I had some friends staying with me until their house was finished. They have a daughter who was at the time about a year and a half. Her mom told her to do something, I don't remember what, and as she walked away, she rolled her eyes at me and gave a huge sigh. I almost fell out of my seat laughing. And her expression was pretty similar to Shae's. Priceless.

  2. heh. she's SO OVER getting her picture taken any more -- like, when i get the camera out, she's all "yeah yeah, mommy has a bird on her head, whatever, i need cheese."

    can't IMAGINE where the attitude comes from ... lol.