Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We went to our first baseball game of the year the other night. Spring is probably my favorite time of year for baseball -- well, May and early June, actually, when there is a better chance of nice weather (read: not freezing your nuts off), but I am not adverse to April baseball if it is at least 15° above freezing and not actively raining.

Fortunately it was a great night for a ball game (until the middle of the 6th inning, anyway), so we took our free tickets and headed to Citizens Bank Park. Some days I miss the Vet and the rats and the mutant pigeons and the ever-pleasant smell of a giant public urinal, not to mention the judge in the basement, but now that we have Shae I am glad the Phillies play somewhere nice. Somewhere clean. Somewhere with the world's greatest ballpark sandwiches.

Our seats were in Section 134, right along the third baseline. The view was fantastic -- here, let me show you:

And what we could see of the field was even better:

On the mound here is Jamie Moyer who is maybe the only guy on this entire team who is older than I am. Oh, wait, I lied -- Chris Coste is older than I am. (And hey, there is an infielder who I never heard of who has my exact birthday!)

Oh -- have I mentioned that I love our new camera? With the "old" camera we would never have gotten that much detail in the "wide" shot, although we would have gotten amazing pictures of the back of the head of the person sitting in front of me:

It was a good game. The Phils won, 11-4, and Shae got to see what I believe is her first major league home run, hit by Pedro Feliz, who I believe must be my new favorite Phillie or something, because I took about 300 pictures of him, like this:

I just don't know. Makes me look like a stalker, which I don't think I am. He does have a nice butt, though, if that counts for anything.

We did NOT get our picture taken with the Phanatic, which was a huge disappointment: Shae declared him "not nice." Hopefully she'll get over it.


  1. dont forget nana gets shaes keychain and i got her a penn state shirt but its pink!!! your favorite rachel happy anniversary early 10 years love mom

  2. great pics. i'm the same way when we go to a game - tons of pictures of players that i don't really care about. and you want to hear depressing - there are only 3 blackhawks older than i am. and only another two that were born in either 78 or 79. when did i get that old?!?!

  3. Love the pics. Want to go the Bank (is that what they call it) sometime myself. I'm surprised there is no pics of the view of Center City. Glad they won. And so did the Flyers tonite! Woohoo! Anyway, back to your blog. The Phanatic is nice. You need to convince her he is nice, or going to the ballpark will not be so pleasant. He just didn't see how cute she is!

  4. yeah, in the phanatic's defense, for a game that was only about 2/3 full, there really were a lot of people mobbing him. the whole thing was funny: "hey, you! look at me! look at me! mommy, he not look, he not nice!" then she wanted to know where he went, and i had to tell her "the potty" to get her to settle down and stop looking for him. so i guess she already IS over it.