Girls on Film

A couple more totally random pictures from last weekend before I offload the picture of Shae and the Giant Hot Dog from the Phillies game Monday (I really hope it came out OK!).

We are lucky enough to have a pint-sized one-woman cleaning crew, when she isn't busy being a pint-sized one-woman wrecking crew. She loves her "gardening tools," a bunch of Little Tikes toys that my mom found for her -- a watering can, a small spade, a sifter, a shovel. There is even a rake, which Shae likes to keep in her room, next to her bed. I shit you not: it's for "just in case," I guess. Can't imagine there are many occasions when a toddler needs a rake in the middle of the night, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared, I suppose.

I am not really crazy about her sudden interest in nakedness -- she is a very pretty little girl, after all, and there are a whole lot of pervs out there -- but I know I used to run around with no clothes on (as recently as ... this morning, actually) so as long as it's still occasional and not, like, a compulsion, we indulge her. To a point, at least: there will be no "nudie cuties" in Wal-Mart on my watch. I will admit, I do envy that she is so comfortable in her own skin and doesn't have body issues. And my goodness, that hair! And those eyelashes! I covet.

(Is it still a sin to covet another's hair and eyelashes if they're your own child?)

My Uncle Joe has an upright piano in his family room, the piano that my cousins used to play, but not so much any more. He loved listening to Shae bang on the keys and sing along to whatever she thought she was playing ("Twinkle Star," probably). And although the angle is funny here, you can tell that she was having a good ol' time. She loves music. Note to self: will need to investigate used Casio keyboards.


  1. Rachel there is a caso keyboard in the garage

  2. i was going to say i know we have them here and i'm sure uncle joe has some love you mom

  3. omg we still have those old things?