On My Way To Where The Air Is Sweet

Still haven't made my way through all the pictures from yesterday, but here are some more:

We should have known there were going to be shenanigans afoot, because this was the first picture of the day, taken before we even left the house. I don't know what she was doing -- G took this picture -- but you know it must have been something terribly important, because it involved a rake. (Looks like sooner, rather than later, she is going to understand what "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" actually means.)

"Gert, you're going to have to speak up, I'm on the cordless and I can't hear you over the lawn mower. Yes, I know that lawn mowing is man's work, but Herb won't get off the couch until the ball games are over and this crabgrass is getting out of control. What do you mean, 'you have a service'? Must be nice. Herb would never hire a service. We hired this neighborhood kid once, Gregory I think his name was, and let me tell you, he almost ate me out of house and home. And then he sat on the couch with Herb to watch the ball games. Tsk, tsk. Kids these days, I tell you."

Totally unfazed by rubber snakes. There are a few in the yard, I guess to keep the birds away from the garden beds while the seeds are still sprouting -- their efficacy is anecdotal at best. In any event, I don't remember being two, but I bet I was afraid of snakes. I don't think I ever really got over my fear of snakes until I went to Reptiland. Shae just ... doesn't even care. She even pretended one of the snakes bit me. Not Uncle Bill's relation, this one.


  1. awesome. and i love gladys. although you maybe should've named her agnes ;-) did you remember to put sunscreen on her?

  2. i almost named her agnes, but i thought that was a little too obvious. you gotta admit, there is something gladys-esque about her.