Sunny Day, Sweeping The Clouds Away

It was one of your garden-variety beautiful early spring days today -- 80°F or so, sunny, not too humid. We're still not feeling 100%, and being outside while half the known Universe was mowing their lawns didn't really help, but we still managed to get over 200 pictures (no, really!) of Shae ... being Shae, pretty much. We haven't sorted all the way through them yet, but here are a few from the playground up the road from my grandparents' for those of you (*cough*TINA*cough*) jonesing for a hit of the sweet stuff.

Oh, the swings. Shae loves the swings. Although for some reason she is always looking down, not up, so it's hard to get her face without the, you know, swing getting in the way. I like how this picture "blurs" the background -- not sure if this is because of the "Kid" focus feature on the new camera, or the lens we used (the 55-200 zoom), or what. Eventually I will figure it out.

I took this picture while I was on the other end of the teeter-totter, so honestly I'm surprised you can even see her face. I don't think we like the see-saw quite as much as the swings, but maybe when we get bigger ... ?

Here we're at the top of the spiral sliding board. Shae loves the sliding board, almost as much as the swings, but this one is all plastic and it's really staticky, and actually kind of high, so it's hard to get good pictures from the bottom because I spend time panicking no matter which end I'm on. This one is probably a three-man job.

I don't think Shae's ever drunk out of a water fountain before. She picked it up pretty well, although let's just say that at the end of the day, rushing home for bathtime was a bit, how do you say, superfluous?

So to sum up: we had a nice day. And there will be more pictures coming up to further prove it.


  1. love, love, love the photos! and the new camera ;-) ryan could maybe be shelley's photog. jk.

    and how much do you love digital cameras? i mean, i have pictures from almost EVERY DAY of joey's life. do you know how much that would cost in film and developing? you took 200+ photos essentially for free. how awesome is that?!?!

  2. i know, right? i was just thinking that myself -- at least this way i can "delete" the yucky ones before the photomat guy sees them.

  3. We went to the park yesterday, too, and I took exactly ZERO pictures. These are awesome. And while I do love looking at Shae, what I "jones" the most for is the creative writing that goes with the pictures. Thanks for satisfying my craving.