Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

While I sit here dying from the plague, or walking pneumonia, or tuberculosis, or consumption, or whatever the hell it is that I have, why don't you enjoy this gorgeous picture of Shae from before we went to court on Wednesday?

OK, so the composition needs a little work -- I am still figuring out the new camera -- but doesn't she look here like a perfect little lady, a character from a Shirley Temple movie, straight out of central casting? Curls, perfect skin, white sweater, blue-and-white seersucker dress, stockings with ruffles on the butt, black Mary Janes, her head cocked just so?

Couldn't even decide how to crop this picture -- I mean, really, doesn't she look like a (significantly less creepy) Madame Alexander doll? How freaking lucky are we?


  1. she is a little cutie-patootie!

  2. I LOVE ruffly butt tights!! I buy them for all of my friends that have daughters. They are my favorite gift to give.

  3. the butt ruffles aren't really my favorite -- i am the least girlie girl you're ever going to meet, probably -- but she sure does look cute in them. this whole outfit was adorable, really.