Variation on a Theme

Those pom-poms I picked up at Target for a buck are turning out to have more entertainment value and be a squillion times more photogenic than just about any other toy in the house. For this week, anyway -- next week I suppose it will be something else.

A couple of notes about this video: that hairdo? Is half a 'fro. She had barrettes in her hair when I sent her to school, but one of them disappeared. I still haven't found it.

Also, I am deliberately trying not to talk in these movies so you can hear some of the silly stuff Cupcake has to say, but of course here she decides she doesn't want to say anything, the little booger. I've heard all kinds of crazy things in the last week from her -- she asked if she could drive the car the other day, and just this morning she called that cute little TV rodent "Minnie MOUTH"-- but of course when I want her to talk? Nada.

One of these days, though, I will catch her saying hello in at least two foreign languages. (Spanish and Mandarin -- we're still working on the rest.)


  1. so cute! and i know what you mean now. when i want joey to smile, he doesn't. but i'm trying to figure out the tricks of the trade. we'll see.

  2. let me know. even the almighty tic-tac is starting to lose its bribery powers.

  3. so i post a new pic and i get no comments? what gives?