... peanut butter, that is. And jelly.

Been a couple of slow news days around here, so I am sorry to report that these pictures of Cupcake eating a messy sandwich are the best we can do. Oh, I mean, I could tell you about how I have the plague again, how I think we all have a touch of it, really, and how at this point I'm basically just hoping to stay alive long enough to die on vacation, but that's not nearly as cute or exciting as Cupcake. And I suppose I could mention that I somehow managed to "ding 80" in World of Warcraft and now I have no idea what to do with myself, but that isn't interesting to anybody but me and maybe one or two other people in the world, so forget I even brought it up.

Here. Just look at my kid. And try not to think about that after tomorrow there is no more football for like 6½ months. Instead try to focus on pitchers and catchers reporting in a week. That ought to hold you over, right?

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  1. Wow! 80! Congrats! I'm not sure where Uelander is but I think he's right behind you.