You're So Fine, You Blow My Mind

It was a great Super Bowl Sunday. I mean, sure, the Eagles weren't playing -- I said it was "great," not "perfect" -- and instead of going to any great big organized parties we hung out at my grandparents' and ate Ellio's for supper. We watched the game with whoever showed up, which turned out to be quite a crowd, actually, and we stuck around until halftime, which was impressive because none of us had a nap. (Well, G dozed off in the recliner once or twice, but not for long.)

That the Steelers won? Pretty damned awesome, even though some of us might have given up with 2:53 to go in the 4th quarter, after the Cardinals scored the go-ahead TD. (Not naming any names, but their initials are RG.) Pretty typical, really, but can you blame us? The Eagles right about killed us this season, and we just couldn't take any more disappointment. We found out the Steelers won in WoW trade chat, of all places. (Because we are giant nerds.)

The Super Bowl: not for chickenshits.

(Originals of all four of these pics are in my Flickr photostream, if you want them. And sorry to use a cheesy lyric from a cheesy song, but come on, look at that kid! Isn't that some mind-blowing level of fineness and cuteness? It's also thematically appropriate, dammit.)


  1. the pictures are really cute and thank you for coming up it was a sparkle for nana and pop

  2. gorgeous! e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! I mean, go steelers!

  3. lol she doesn't care who she cheers for as long as she gets to cheer. she loves shaking her pom-poms ... which is going to be scary in another 13-14 years, i think.

  4. why scary? we were cheerleaders, you know.

  5. i meant a ... different kind of pom-poms.