It's Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

I have pictures similar to these of Shae and Joey when he was around the same age that Makayla is now.


Joey was a little older -- almost 9 months old, where Makayla is only almost 7 months old. But still: just a little bit of history repeating.


Shae loves her cousins, and Shae loves babies, so Makayla + baby + cousin = Shae's personal brand of catnip.


Coat Makayla in a fine layer of Dorito dust and Shae would never leave her alone. Not that she does anyway.


Okay, every once in a while -- but never for long.


And only for Very Important Projects, like taking late afternoon naps with Pop-pop in the dappled shade of the redbud tree in the side yard. And even then -- never for long.

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