Thank You For Being A Friend

Before we get to some of the great pictures of the kids from yesterday, I need to put this one up, because it totally looks like a promotional poster for a new sitcom from the creators of "The Golden Girls" and the producers of "The Right Stuff":

The Golden Gang

I'm not sure what exactly the concept of this show would be, but based on this preview, I would definitely watch it. Of course, I have also watched every show ever known to man at least once, so I am not the best judge of quality programming (like, I thought "The Charmings" was good, and I never really liked "Seinfeld" or "Friends").


There was a lot of kissing ...

Kissin' Cousins

... and playing ...

Sunny Day

... and reading ...

Reading Rainbow

... and walking ...

Taking a Walk

... and it was all awesome.


  1. you can't even see his face in the last one. but they're all cute, anyway. did any from the living room come out ok?

  2. you can't see his face and he's STILL adorable. and no, the living room pictures were a no-go. we'll have to try again in two weeks.