Pass the Dutchie

The thing about babies is, everybody wants a piece of that action. I personally like to smell their heads -- there is something about baby heads* that I love so very much -- and yes, I do realize that this no doubt means that I need to have my head examined -- but to each his own, I suppose.

Jaime & Joey

We start with mama, who I suppose has her own favorite Joey-part but I will always and forever have dibs on the head, for infinity ...

G & Joey

... then we move on to Uncle G, who is entirely too cool to pose for a damn picture, like he is some kind of aborigine or something who will lose his soul, but WHATEVER, GO SHAVE ...

Nana & Joey

... and our next stop on our cruise around the patio is Nana, which is where we would probably stay all day except that when Joey is in town there are TWO adorable moppet grandchildren to over-indulge, which brings us to ...

Shae & Joey (aka "Axis of Adorable")

... a little visit with Shae, wherein the two most adorable kids in the Universe plot to destroy us all with their cuteness and drool, and then it's off ...

Pop-pop & Joey

... to hang with Pop-pop, because everybody loves to hang with Pop-pop, and by the way have you noticed that we didn't take a nap yet? Because at this point the GROWNUPS sure are exhausted, even if the kids aren't ...

Shelleybeans & Joey

... and then Aunt Shelleybeans showed up, and it was whee! whee! whee! all over again. But wait, there's more! ...

Nana & Joey

... we still need to pose with our other Nana, the great-grandmother, because BY GOD THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE WHO HAVE NOT YET SQUEEZED THE CHARMIN. And then there were 700 pictures on the camera and rockle fell asleep in the car on the way home, the end.

I hope you took notes, people! There will be a quiz at the end of the week. (Not really.)

* = "Something About Baby Heads" will be the name of the debut album by my punk rock band, Purple Sock Fuzz.


  1. was that really the best shelleybeans photo? cuz i swear i took some that were better ;-) guess i'll have to get some with the great-grandfather, oh yeah, and auntie rockle next time.

  2. lol, i tried to pick the pictures where JOEY looked the best, because soon enough it will be all about shelleybeans.

  3. and really? that picture of me you could've burned. I have like thirty chins or something.

  4. YOU HAVE AN INFANT. give yourself a break. ;-)