Guess What? Chicken Butt!

I will give you one million free Internet points* if you can guess what we did this weekend.


If you guessed "Went swimming!" or "Looked like a drowned rat!" or "Got chewed up by insects carrying God only knows what diseases!" then you can collect your points.


Oh and also! We had a Lazy Sunday yesterday, were we sat around and watched movies and vegged out and I ACTUALLY FINISHED A BOOK, OH MY LANDS, but I didn't take pictures of any of that because it's boring. But trust me.

* Points are free** but tax, shipping, fees, and penalties are additional. "One million" refers to total value of points if collected as a 26-year annuity; collecting your points in one lump sum will reduce the total value. Void where prohibited. Offer not valid in Vermont, Nova Scotia, Puerto Rico, Detroit, Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport, small little countries in the EU with "X"es or "Z"s in their names, on Mars, any of the moons of Jupiter, or outside our immediate Solar System.

** Points are not good for anything. They are just free.

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